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£77.5m investment to keep energy flowing in North West

The UK’s biggest gas network is investing £77.5 million to upgrade 500km of ageing metal gas pipes in the North West this year.

Cadent, which serves 2.7m homes across the region, is replacing iron mains with hardwearing plastic ones designed to last at least 80 years.

The works are part of a major nationwide programme to upgrade gas mains, developed in conjunction with gas industry regulator Ofgem and the Health and Safety Executive.

Steve Murray, who heads up Cadent’s gas mains replacement programme in the North West, says: “Our job is to keep the energy flowing to homes and businesses across the region.

“This is a major investment. It will ensure that local people continue to enjoy safe and reliable gas supplies to heat their homes, cook their meals and power their businesses for decades to come.”

Cadent, formerly known as National Grid Gas Distribution, maintains, repairs and upgrades 131,000km of pipes across the North West, Midlands, the East of England and North London.