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  • Aether by The Alchemist - Bar review

Bar review: Aether by The Alchemist, Kenyon Steps, Liverpool ONE

Aether by The Alchemist

Kenyon Steps, Liverpool ONE

Review by Liam Deveney

If you’re looking to have your senses awakened over the festive period you need to pay a visit to Aether – the latest sibling of The Alchemist. Offering not just drinks and snacks, the venue also provides an all-over sensory occurrence in opulent surroundings.

Enjoying a prime location within Liverpool ONE’s dining area, Aether’s stated aim is to provide the fifth element to your night out via attentive table service and a relaxed atmosphere, but, in truth, it delivers far more.

With a creative drinks menu encompassing the four elements – earth, water, fire and air – Aether delivers an experience which surpasses any usual night out.

My companion and I visited Aether on a Tuesday evening, traditionally a lively night in Liverpool and one which Aether has embraced since its opening just weeks earlier.  The vibe was warm and welcoming with some customers relaxing at the bar area and other parties sat in booths, where seemingly psychic and unobtrusive staff ensure that magical sounding beverages flow without interruption.

Manager Michael guided us through the drinks menu with an enthusiasm which was contagious – effortlessly whetting the appetite for the delights which lay ahead.


Aether by The Alchemist - Bar review


As a non-drinker, your reviewer opted for an Essence of Fire (£4.50). It was an alcohol-free Bloody Mary which was a spicy and wholesome concoction, warming the stomach and the soul.

My companion tried an American Yellowbird (£11); a delicious bourbon-based cocktail served with a generous portion of melt in the mouth banana bread.

For our second round we each went non-alcoholic; my companion experimenting with Essence of Earth (£4.50), a truly sensational ‘gin’ and tonic created with 94 herbs, which made his taste buds sing. I plumped for Essence of Water (£4.50); a sublime marriage of apple, lime, elderflower and bitters presented with a shot of seawater and a pirate’s hat to transport the imbiber to the ocean waves.

My companion rounded the evening off with a Tornado (£10); a union of rum and lychees, presented with home grown leaves to add to the whirlwind sensation.  I am reliably informed that it was both lively and refreshing, providing a fitting conclusion to events.

Our drinks were accompanied by a selection of extremely reasonably priced vegetarian bar snacks including chilli crackers (£1.50), Kalamata olives (£2) and cheese on toast popcorn (£1). All were delicious and the perfect accompaniment to the refreshments.

Aether somehow, incredibly, ticks each and every box as the perfect place for a Christmas night out and is certain to be a popular destination for partygoers during the Yuletide period, and beyond.