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Anfield – My favourite building with Darren Barwick of MSB Solicitors

My favourite building

Words by Darren Barwick, partner, MSB Solicitors

Anfield stadium

It’s not the most beautiful building in the city. Additions over the years in a bit of a hotchpotch manner mean it lacks cohesiveness. You are not going to find it in any great architecture books. But its stature isn’t measured by prettiness because it’s more than just a building.

It’s a beacon that dominates its landscape both physically and culturally. Anfield is built on purpose, passion and pride.

It’s borne witness to some legendary victories and some bitter losses. It’s where some of the greatest footballers of their generation have called home.

Tears of joy and tears of pain have soaked into the fabric of this place and Anfield’s character has been forged by the many battles fought at this ground – some successful and some not.

Truly great buildings possess a personality that is uniquely their own and they occupy their place in history with gravitas. This is Anfield.

Anfield stadium

Anfield stadium