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Brexit negotiators ‘must take local issues into account’

The government must consider wider issues such as local economic development while negotiating Britain’s exit from the European Union, according to North West academics.

The nation’s withdrawal from the EU will soon be underway with Prime Minister Theresa May due to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty today (29 March).

As the two-year Brexit negotiations begin, Professor Dave Richards, Professor Oliver James, Dr. Kinglsey Purdam and Dr. Liz Richardson of The University of Manchester have outlined key issues the government must take into account.

They say in a joint statement: “Whatever settlement is negotiated, it needs to take account both of the ‘big picture’ geo-political questions over what Britain’s strategic place in the world should be, but also address a wider set of issues over the current way in which politics and governance in the UK operates from high profile policy areas such as immigration to more particular issues of local economic development and environmental protection.”

Issues to be negotiated between May’s government and the EU include trade, immigration, security and sovereignty matters.

Crucial to businesses, Britain is seeking a new customs arrangement and a free trade agreement with Europe as it prepares to withdraw from the single market.

The UK is expected to complete its exit from the EU, with or without an agreement, by March 2019.