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Brookfield Rose doubles its Booths Park office space

Cheshire-based business group, Brookfield Rose has doubled its office space at Booths Park in Knutsford as it continues to expand.

The firm has signed a lease on an additional 7,166 sq ft of space at the Bruntwood site, which will last until August 2022, meaning it will now occupy parts of all floors of the Booths Park No. 1 building.

The office space is in addition to Brookield Rose’s base at Moseley Hall Farm, also in Knutsford.

Shaun Webb, head of finance and systems at Brookfield Rose, says: “We’ve grown considerably over the last few years, increasing our annualised revenue by over 30% to over £700 million and increasing our head count by around 100 to the 250 people we have today. With any company who has expanded at this rate, we are fast outgrowing our current offices.

“Our new premises at Booths Park will help us to clearly separate our consumer and commercial brands and allow us to work more effectively across both sites.”

Three of the group’s de Poel brands – which remain the largest part of Brookfield Rose – as well as Compli With Us and its fulfillment, support and implementation functions will be moving over to the new premises alongside its other business-focused brands. The group’s consumer brands will be based out of its Moseley Hall Farm site.