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Cheshire East unveils pre-budget report

Cheshire East Council has published a budget report which sets out how it could target resources more effectively and save money over the next three years.

The local authority wants feedback from Cheshire East businesses on the Pre-Budget Consultation 2018-21 which includes proposals to increase council tax by almost 5%.

Residents, councillors, staff, town and parish councils and other stakeholders are also being asked to come forward and help inform decisions.

The council says its aim is to become financially self-sufficient by reducing its reliance on central government revenue support grant from £40 million in 2015/16 to nil in 2020.

Councillor Paul Bates, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for finance and communications (pictured), says: “Funding local services is a huge challenge for councils across the UK as revenue budgets continue to come under severe pressure.

“Cheshire East is a high-performing authority and a great place to live, work, visit and do business. Our residents enjoy good living standards and, when they need help from the council, we are consistently recognised as providing excellent services.

“We are aware, however, that local areas have differing priorities and, to support this, the pre-budget report contains a proposal to set aside £2m of income from the New Homes Bonus over the next two years.

“This proposal would allow local communities to determine how this money should be spent and will be very interested to hear the views of local people on whether this proposal should be set in to the final budget.”