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Christmas gift-giving: How to reward and motivate your employees

Christmas gift-giving: How to reward and motivate your employees

With the year nearing its end, Professor Tony Wall from the University of Chester’s International Centre for Thriving offers guidance on how to reward employees for their hard work throughout 2018 whilst motivating them for the next 12 months.

Words by Professor Tony Wall

Have you got your gifts sorted for December’s festivities? Whether you started months ago, are yet to start, or have other celebrations to deliver, you have probably wondered ‘what gift can we give at this time of year?’

A gift is worth more than a 1,000 words and can give us clues about the gift-giver:

  • The effort and consideration they’ve put in (or not)
  • What they value (and do not)
  • What they are thinking about (and are not)

The act of gift-giving at important moments is therefore significant: the effects can be long-lasting, and sometimes never forgotten.

So here are three questions for gift-giving at this time of year:

1. How does the gift look under the light of what’s to come in 2019?

If Brexit is going to add financial pressures for your teams then might a more humble approach be more sensitive than a glittery extravaganza?

2. How might the time/cost/energy of a one-off event be better used to support a change in the organisation which sparks and sustains wider wellbeing and job satisfaction?

One-off parties can have a positive ‘release’ effect, but employees may find much more value in changing the way things are done to make ‘daily life’ better. This speaks volumes and can energise for the longer term.

3. What do you want to leave people with moving into 2019?

What word in the mind, taste in the mouth, or feeling in the heart do you want to leave people with as they open the door to 2019? It seems to me that when these are in the heart and mind of the gift-giver, we feel valued and moved – and such a state can help pace us positively into 2019.

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