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Consider flexible working or risk being left behind, businesses warned

Businesses “could be left behind” if they don’t consider introducing flexible working practices, a North West expert has warned.

Ross Wellman, commercial director at Vincents Solicitors, says “old assumptions” that such arrangements could result in lower productivity or whole workforces wanting to take advantage are not the case.

Speaking to Move Commercial about whether the region’s companies are doing enough to offer flexible working, Wellman says: “For some the old assumptions still pervade, fearing lower productivity, staff ‘taking liberties’, or that ‘everyone will want it’. But that’s just not the reality.

“In fact, many bosses find their flexible workers go over and above just to demonstrate they are as keen and loyal as their nine to five counterparts.

“It’s often ignorance of employees’ legal right to request flexible working and worries over how to make it work in practice that puts businesses off. But any forward-thinking organisation which values its workforce will need to consider such arrangements otherwise it could be left behind as basic market forces will dictate where the good employees choose to stay.”

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