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  • Warwick Smither, partner, Cheetham and Mortimer, retail

‘Encouraging two years’ in store for high street

The next two years “look pretty rosy and encouraging” for the high street, according to one North West retail expert.

Warwick Smither, a partner at Manchester-based agency Cheetham & Mortimer, which specialises in the retail sector, says he is of the view that the sector will see further strong performance in the near future as it continues its recovery following the economic downturn.

With Smither highlighting that, from Cheetham & Mortimer’s perspective, “last year was very good and this year is fantastic,” out on the high street he says: “I think most people, and I’m included, think that we can safely say the next two years look pretty rosy and encouraging, and there will be quite a lot of activity on the high street.

“Beyond that it’s more difficult to predict with any certainty, and I think we’re influenced then by much greater events; the global economy, the European economy, debt and how our government deals with that, and what impact that then has on the man in the street, and I think it is difficult to predict beyond two years where we go next.”

Speaking in the latest issue of Move Commercial, he adds: “I feel there will be a slow down, not a downturn, probably in two to three years and we’ll have to take stock again.”