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Five tech must-haves with MSB Solicitors’ Darren Barwick

Darren Barwick - MSB SolicitorsFive tech must-haves with MSB Solicitors’ Darren Barwick

Darren Barwick, partner at MSB Solicitors, tells us about the gadgets and apps he can’t live without.



We pretty much all have smartphones now and it’s easy to take for granted just how integral they’ve become to both our professional and personal lives.

I like how Apple makes it easy to hold contacts and other content across multiple devices via the cloud. Losing my phone wouldn’t be the disaster it once might have been.

All the content can be immediately accessed on my iPad or MacBook. I just wish the battery lasted a bit longer.


It’s become something of a ‘Wild West’ social media platform and, as a professional, Twitter is a place you step into these days with a degree of caution. However, it still offers huge value for sharing a positive message about your business. The team at MSB is super active on Twitter and we’re really good at ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ our posts and that makes a real difference.

I also love the immediacy of Twitter. If you carefully choose the right accounts to follow you can stay up to date with what is happening in the world, and in your locality.

Evernote (app)

Technology has transformed the business world but sometimes it feels like we have too much information at our fingertips. I’ve been looking at what apps are out there to help store and save content for future reference.

I came across ‘Evernote’ which allows you to clip pieces of information from the web and tag them for easy searching. You can then add to or import pictures, tables, audio and video. You can use it to make notes, journals and even store tweets and emails you want to keep. It’s like having an electronic notebook that allows you to find things instantly.


I’m a keen runner and have always been into fitness generally, and at MSB there’s a strong ethos around health and wellbeing.

We’re all encouraged to take the best care of ourselves and when you’re busy and under pressure of work it’s easy to neglect that. Fitbit is such a simple device, allowing you to track your physical activity, diet and sleep patterns.

Getting that little buzz from the device when you hit your goal for the day can give you a real lift and sense of achievement. Of course it doesn’t do the exercise for you – that’s still down to you!


It’s amazing to think LinkedIn has been around for more than 15 years.

I’ve been on it a while, but there was a period when people seemed to question what the point of it was. That’s changed now and it’s unusual for someone from the business or professional world not to be on it.

It’s a fantastic resource for making and maintaining professional contacts, it offers great articles in my professional field and the option of joining groups most relevant to my work.

Contacting someone for the first time through Facebook might feel a bit inappropriate, but on LinkedIn it’s perfectly acceptable.