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Economic impact of Liverpool’s Terracotta Warriors exhibition revealed

National Museums Liverpool has revealed the major economic of impact its landmark Terracotta Warriors exhibition.

It’s estimated more than 600,000 people will have viewed ‘China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors’ at the World Museum by the time it closes this Sunday (28 October).

The most popular exhibition ever held by National Museums Liverpool, the organisation says it will have contributed almost £80 million to the Liverpool City Region’s economy throughout its run.

An estimated 36% of visitors to National Museums Liverpool venues are on staying visits from outside the city region.

Using this data, National Museums Liverpool estimates the Terracotta Warriors exhibition has driven around 208,220 staying visits to Liverpool throughout its run from February to October, and a wider contribution to the local economy of over £78m.

Sir David Henshaw, chairman of National Museums Liverpool, says: “We are thrilled that so many people have been able to see and enjoy the Terracotta Warriors here in Liverpool.

“More than three quarters of visitors told us that our Terracotta Warriors exhibition was the main reason for their visit to Liverpool.

“We are delighted to have made such a significant contribution to the visitor economy of the Liverpool City Region.”

The warriors visit was the first time in more than 30 years that a selection of the 3rd Century Chinese army went on display outside of London.