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How to keep your business protected: Cyber security tips

Carl Murphy, director of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle-based ICT Solutions, provides some top tips to help reduce the risk of cyber attacks harming your business.

“Cyber attacks have grown significantly in the last two years with a high percentage specifically targeting SMEs,” says Carl Murphy.

“In recent years, more than two-thirds of small and large business organisations have become the victim of cyber attacks.

“It’s essential for small businesses to remain vigilant and take additional steps to protect their business against such attacks.”

Murphy offers three indispensable measures that every business should take to start strengthening its cyber security:

Encrypt the data

“All business information is critical information. This is the reason you need to make a point to take measures to ensure it further.

“Each working framework has a choice that enables clients to encrypt the information.

“Thus, you will make the majority of the data on the hard drives protected and pointless to anybody outside the workplace.”

Use a Strong Password

“The use of a weak password by employees is a major risk to the business.

“The data becomes easier for cyber criminals to hack. To avoid this, organisations need to train their employees about the precautions of making the data secure.

“If you include lower case letters, upper case letters and special characters then it becomes impossible for cyber criminals to evade your password security.

“Also, you can set up two-factor authentication by adding a phone number. Whenever you try to sign in to your account it will ask you to enter the security code which you receive through an SMS.”

Back up Your Data

“Protection of your business increases if you regularly back up your information.

“Back up all your files, data, and other resources because they are the backbone of your business. This is helpful in case your data gets lost due to an unknown invasion.

“Saving back-ups to an outside hard drive, or in the cloud, is an effortless method to guarantee that every piece of your information is stored securely.”