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Manchester Airport highlights career opportunities at jobs fair

More than 200 Oldham job hunters attended an event showcasing career opportunities at Manchester Airport.

A mix of unemployed attendees and those looking for a new direction went along to find out more about working in the UK’s third busiest airport.

The Get Oldham Working jobs fair, arranged by Oldham Council in conjunction with Manchester Airport and Airport Academy, provided visitors with a chance to discuss and apply for roles ranging from customer service to driving and security positions.

The Airport Academy team was also on hand at the Metropolitan House venue to speak to local residents about pre-employment training for roles such as check-in and boarding.

Adam Jupp, head of external affairs at Manchester Airport, says: “One of the biggest benefits of Manchester Airport’s ongoing growth is that it creates jobs and economic value for the region.

“We are committed to ensuring as many people as possible can access those employment opportunities, which is why events like Get Oldham Working are so important.

“It is also always great to showcase the work of our Airport Academy, which plays a key role in equipping people with the skills they need to find work at Manchester Airport.”

Gareth Burrow, head of adult employability, corporate development and professional programmes at Stockport College, which is Airport Academy’s training partner, adds: “It was so good to see so many people keen to work at the airport from the Oldham area.

“I was extremely pleased to see so many individuals committed to working at the airport and already had the skills to start their application process.

“I hope this event can lead to more events similar to this in partnership with Manchester Airports Group and the Airport Academy to promote real employability routes to change people’s lives.”

Since January 2016, Airport Academy has placed 439 individuals through pre-employment training courses and positive interventions, with more than 340 individuals taking up employment.