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  • Motivating your team to achieve

Motivating your team to achieve

Motivating your team to achieve

Words by Steve Smith of Raise the Bar

As we approach a new year it’s essential to think about where we should place our energy to achieve our 2018 goals. Steve Smith, co-founder of Knowsley-based Raise the Bar, which draws from the experiences of dynamic experts to boost motivation and engagement, shares his advice on how we can all start controlling our controllables to help better develop our businesses and teams.

As Edwin Moses, one of the most consistent athletes of all time, once said:  “Ain’t no use worrying ’bout things beyond your control, ‘cos if they’re beyond your control, ain’t no use worrying. Ain’t no use worrying ’bout things that are in your control, ‘cos if you have them in your control then why worry?”

It’s an interesting exercise to ask ‘what can we control?’ and then put your energy into those areas. What do you need to focus on? Why is this important? How will you do it? When can you start?

Like with many things in business, athletes can’t impact on their competitors or the environment and therefore whether they get the medal they deserve.

They focus on the process goals they can control, such as training, diet and equipment, and that way if they don’t achieve the performance goal they can at least look back thinking ‘I gave it my best shot’.

This approach enables us to reduce stress and focus on the smaller things that will lead to the required outcome. Taking this strategy in business enables the best position to achieve and reach our goals.

We can always control:

  • Attitude and mindset
  • How we communicate with our teams
  • Customers’ experience
  • Presentation of our product
  • How we coach and lead teams
  • Our first impressions
  • Our reaction to failure and challenges