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  • £30 million, Condy Lofthouse

New £30m Southport energy plant given go-ahead

A “ground-breaking” £30 million waste-to-energy plant has been given the go ahead for Southport and will help change the country’s approach to generating power.

The proposed facility, which has been designed by Liverpool-based architects Condy Lofthouse and is being funded by Iona Capital, will create 100 new jobs.

Following planning approval by Sefton Council, which was initially delayed to allow councilors to assess the project’s impact on homes and the area’s road network, construction is due to get underway on the project in the first week of November with Surgo as the contractor.

The first energy is expected to come on stream by 31 March 2017, and the entire plant will be capable of generating 8.8MW of power – enough to heat 1,000 homes.

Andy Armstrong of Condy Lofthouse, which also managed the planning application for the plant, says: “This is the most modern facility of its type in the region and the way it utilises and processes different waste sources makes it one of the most environmentally efficient, too.

“The facility will turn co-mingled municipal waste into energy as well using green waste, food waste and residual waste.

“It’s a ground-breaking investment and is part of the country’s move towards district power generation and storage and away from ‘mother lode’ power sources like Hinkley C.  Within five years facilities like this will be much more common and our energy mix more stable as a result.”