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Port of Liverpool could bring in ‘vital imports’ under no-deal Brexit

The Port of Liverpool could be utilised to bring “vital imports” into the UK in a no-deal Brexit scenario.

Robert Peston has reported that a possible French decision to reintroduce customs checks could reduce freight coming into the UK via Dover and the Channel Tunnel by around 85%.

ITV’s political editor says a “shocked” Cabinet was yesterday (23 October) told of Department of Transport contingency plans to own or lease roll-on roll-off lorry ferries to ensure sure “vital supplies” of goods, food and medicines continue to reach the UK.

Under those circumstances, the government would have to bring in vital imports to other ports such as Liverpool, Tilbury and the Port of London.

The proposed scheme is called Government Owned or Operated Logistics (GOOL).

Peston adds that in the case of GOOL being implemented, three options are being examined: buying ships, leasing them or converting military vessels.