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  • World Cup, Professional pointers: Maintaining workplace productivity during the World Cup

Professional pointers: Maintaining productivity during the World Cup

Professional pointers: Maintaining workplace productivity during the World Cup

with Altum HR

When warmer weather strikes, stuffy conditions and distractions through the window invariably take their toll on office productivity. Add large scale sporting events to this and employees may feel distracted if the proper provisions are not put in place.

Altum HR, a member of The Business Exchange by Warrington & Co, offers some tips to keep your team in working order when the World Cup kicks off on 14 June:


Plan ahead

Managers should make a note of the World Cup fixtures well in advance.

By planning ahead, for example, for when an England game takes place during office hours, managers can offer staff flexible working hours, allowing them to start early, leave late or make up the time.


Be inclusive

Make sure everybody who wants to be involved is included by rolling out workplace activities across the whole team or company. Rather than employees running their own private sweepstakes, which could leave some people feeling left out, send out an email in advance to encourage group participation.


Cater for those with other interests

Some staff members may not be as engaged in these sporting events, so it’s important to acknowledge those people too.

If their colleagues are being offered additional flexibility, ensure they enjoy the same benefits. For example, you could allow them earlier starts to avoid working in overheated conditions.

The World Cup only comes around once every four years so it’s important to keep employee morale up at this time – even if England bow out early! Don’t forget to keep the office cool, offer perks such as ice lollies and adhere to health and safety under all circumstances.

Above all, have fun!