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A range of working zones boosts productivity says workspace expert

Multiple different working zones could be key to creating the most productive office environment, according to a North West workspace expert.

Cheshire-based firm Officeinsight says the approach caters for the “wide variety in ways of working” and can bring benefits like stimulating employee engagement.

Speaking to Move Commercial, the company’s purchasing and marketing manager, Sam Dunbar, says: “The most productive office environments are the ones that include many different working zones.

“This ranges from breakout areas to large open stair atriums. This is to cater for the wide variety in ways of working and stimulate informal meetings, collaboration and employee engagement.”

Exploring the substance behind the style of creative offices and their features, which the likes of giant firms including Google, Facebook and Facebook have become known for, Dunbar adds: “In reality not every company has a ‘Google budget’, and employers tend to focus on the return from their capital expenditure.

“The challenge is getting the combination right for your business. We call this workplace balance – we balance the potential of any space against the pragmatic needs, as both are as important as each other when creating a highly productive office space that also delivers the optimum return.”

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