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  • Relieving stress in the workplace

Relieving stress in the workplace

Relieving stress in the workplace

Words by Matt Liggins, health and wellbeing manager at Health@Work

At Liverpool-based Health@Work we support a wide range of businesses across the UK to create healthier, happier workplaces and reducing stress is a big part of this. Here are our top tips for reducing stress in the workplace:

• Throw some punches (just not at one of your co-workers!):  Boxercise is a great way to burn off the stress hormones that churn round your system.  Try throwing 100 shadow punches as fast as you can of a morning before you get in the shower.

• Go for a walk: Exercising outdoors has been proven to help people feel calmer, happier and more able to concentrate at work.

• Get some vitamin C: As well as looking after your immune system, vitamin C actually helps build your anti-stress hormones. Try blackcurrants, spring green cabbage, peppers and even potatoes (with the skin on).

• Use the Management Standards at work: We recommend the Health and Safety Executive’s approach to dealing with stress in the workplace.

• Talk to someone: Whether you’re stressed about one small thing or you’ve been feeling bad for ages, talking to someone is the first step to feeling better.

• Drink enough water: Feeling dehydrated severely affects both physical and mental performance. A dry mouth, headache, tiredness, poor concentration, low mood, hunger and irritability are all signs you need to drink more water, not another coffee!

• Make time to do the things you like doing: The busier you are, the more downtime you need. Put yourself first sometimes and book in space to do what you want to do, rather than what you need.