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Business breakfast review: Ziferblat, St Paul’s Square, Liverpool

Business breakfast review: Ziferblat

St Paul’s Square, Liverpool

Review by Liam Deveney


Enjoying a discreet location at No. 4 St Paul’s Square in Liverpool’s Commercial District, Ziferblat is a self-proclaimed ‘new kind of social space where everything is free except the time you spend there’.

Founded in Moscow but now in 16 locations across Europe, Ziferblat is a “treehouse for grown-ups,” a place where you’re able to work, study and relax.

In close proximity to many of the city’s leading businesses, Ziferblat is a bright, large, open-plan room complete with self-service kitchen.

The concept is simple: each person pays 8p per minute whilst there, you check in upon arrival and your bill is calculated when you leave. An hour costs £4.80 and the average visit lasts 75 minutes.

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A wide range of breakfast food is included within the price, including cereal, toast, fruit, pastries and cakes. All food is sourced locally as is the caffeine which is supplied by the hugely popular 92 Degrees Coffee. For those with more particular requirements, there are facilities on site to prepare and cook your own supplies.

Your reviewer enjoyed a light, buttery croissant with jam alongside a bowl of cereal whilst my companion tucked into toast and a platter of fresh fruit. We both drank breakfast tea. Visitors are free to eat and drink as much as they choose, but we were not inclined to over indulge and that appeared to be true for others we saw.

There is no waiter service – you take care of yourself and your guests – but staff are on site, their good cheer and willingness to assist apparently as limitless as the catering.

First and foremost, Ziferblat is a working environment and offers all of the essentials the modern freelancer demands from an office. All tables have access to power points for laptops and the blindingly fast Wi-Fi speed (100mb) ensures electronic communication is not hindered in any way.

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For larger groups a choice of meeting rooms is available, all of which are equipped with state of the art equipment to facilitate a productive gathering. These spaces range in size from small but perfectly formed to a conference room with a capacity of 80 and they’re charged at £3.60 per guest per hour, subject to a (very reasonable) minimum charge.

Co-working facilities are also available at the standard rate of 8p per minute with a price cap of four hours per session. Businesses are also able to join the Time Keepers’ Club which allows time to be charged to a single account and total spend can be capped as required.

We spent just under an hour at Ziferblat and our combined bill of £9.44 was a steal for quality food and drink and, most importantly from your reviewer’s perspective, an atmosphere so conducive to productivity that a backlog of work was completed with barely a glance at the clock.

As a concept Ziferblat is novel and fun, but what it provides is a serious and cost effective alternative to traditional, stuffy meeting rooms. Time’s money may be a well-worn cliché, but at Ziferblat you are guaranteed value for money which ensures value for your time.