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  • Ainsley Arnold

Talks on Cheshire East’s revised Local Plan to resume

The examination of Cheshire East Council’s revised Local Plan Strategy (LPS) is set to continue next week.

The plan, which will affect development in the borough until 2030, will be put under the spotlight in a series of public hearings.

Set to begin on 13 September and end on 21 October, the public hearings will be chaired by planning inspector Stephen Pratt.

The local authority has presented the plan following comments and submissions during six weeks of public consultation earlier this year.

The council received a total of 19,572 representations from 4,679 members of the public or groups during the most recent consultation.

Updated evidence required revisions to the main strategic policies relating to housing, economic growth, development and green belt land.

Councillor Ainsley Arnold (pictured), who is overseeing the Local Plan process, says: “This revised LPS is the council’s most important tool for shaping development in Cheshire East up to 2030 and we now look forward to moving forward towards its examination and formal adoption.

“The council is confident this LPS is comprehensive, fully consulted upon and robust – and we look forward towards its successful adoption.

“The final adoption of the Local Plan will help provide Cheshire East with a blueprint to better shape future growth and prevent unplanned or unsustainable development in the borough.”