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Taskforce to boost Cheshire’s digital and creative sector

A new taskforce has been created to boost the digital and creative sector in Cheshire.

The Weave industry group, established by Cheshire East Council’s Skills and Growth Company, aims to promote the sector, address skills gaps and provide support to local businesses.

More than 2,000 businesses are said to operate within Cheshire East’s digital and creative category, many of them small operations with less than 10 members of staff.

The sector employs around 7,500 people in the borough and their employers have a combined turnover of over £250 million.

Larger digital and creative companies in Cheshire include Warner Bros-owned video game studio TT Fusion in Wilmslow, ThinkPositive’s new European design centre in Bollington and Barclays’ global technology centre based in Knutsford.

Weave chair Denise Proctor says: “Our creative businesses have a proven track record of award-winning innovation and regularly top the league tables of the most influential industry-leading expertise.

“Weave will celebrate our strengths, ensure we can both retain and attract skilled staff and be equipped to face the challenges of a rapidly evolving sector.”

Figures cited by the council show that Cheshire East’s digital and creative sector has expanded 30% faster than the average for the economy in recent years and further growth is forecast going forward.