Tom Bloxham, chairman at Urban Splash

Urban Splash is responsible for some of the most successful urban regeneration schemes in the north west of England, from Concert Square and the Tea Factory in Liverpool to Chips, New Islington in Manchester. We caught up with chairman Tom Bloxham to discuss what is next for the company in the North West.

What was your first job within the property industry?

I’ve only ever had one job and it’s this one really. I’m probably unemployable.

What’s your role within Urban Splash?

Chairman. When we started there were only two of us, myself and Jonathan so one of us became chairman.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I’ve got to say, I’m lucky enough to have the best job in the world. It’s like being given a giant lego set. And so to be able to work with some really creative, talented architects and designers and to save great, old buildings like the Collegiates or the Tea Factory or to help create new areas like the Ropewalks in Liverpool is fantastic. To bring back old buildings to life and also to build brand new buildings is a real joy and privilege.

What does Urban Splash do that is unique? 

I think Urban Splash have got an enviable record of both restoring fantastic old buildings, not just in Liverpool but also in Manchester, Birmingham and Plymouth, or the Midland hotel in Morecambe, or Lister Mills in Bradford, and also our series of amazing new buildings like Chips, New Islington in Manchester.

What does the next 12 months hold for yourself and Urban Splash?

I think we’re coming to a very exciting period of time. In the country, we’ve never been more short of housing and I think the country is looking for some new products and we’re very excited by this. We’re about to launch a new family housing model called House (hoUSe), which is basically a re-invention of the Victorian Terrace house, with high ceilings and big windows, and the ability to personalise it and design your own home. We’re going to be launching new month.