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  • Increasing motivation in the workplace

Top tips: Increasing motivation in the workplace

Top tips: Increasing motivation in the workplace

Words by Lawrence Saunders

Corporate Gym Membership

Research shows healthy people perform better at work and take less time off. Furthermore when someone exercises, the blood flow to the brain is increased which can help sharpen attentiveness and make staff feel ready to take on daily tasks.

A corporate gym membership is an easy way to give staff no excuse when it comes to keeping fit. Employers can offer their workforce membership to a gym or leisure centre based on a flexible or voluntary basis, and through salary sacrifice.

Membership costs of course depend on the gym brand, facilities and location, as well as any discount the company wants to offer.

Team Activities

Done properly, staff awaydays and team activities can have serious benefits in the workplace, strengthening team dynamics and increasing morale amongst employees.

Not restricted to large companies with big budgets, an increasing number of SMEs are organising fun office challenges such as cake baking competitions and ping-pong tournaments to boost office engagement.

Thinking bigger? Why not consider a raft-building challenge or have your staff compete against each other in a dragon boat race. A well planned activity can be an essential part of team development.

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Perks and Incentives

Ranging from small gestures such as an extra day off to season tickets for public transport, perks and incentives can be used by companies of any size looking to provide extra motivation for staff.

Incentive schemes don’t necessarily have to be financially based and can be designed to recognise employee priorities and lifestyles including flexible working hours, extra training and dress down Fridays.

If all else fails, free pizza will always be welcome in any office!