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  • Halton BMX at Runcorn park

Work underway on new Halton BMX attraction

Construction is underway to build a new BMX track facility which will provide a focal point for a Runcorn park.

Halton Council has worked with Windmill Hill Big Local, Viridor Credits Environmental Company and the Landfill Communities Fund to secure funding for the £62,000 project.

The BMX pump track is being developed at Phoenix Park by contractor Horticon, which is expected to complete the attraction in time for a July opening.

Councillor Ron Hignett, Halton Council’s executive board member for the physical environment, says: “It will be a great new focal point for the park, which recently saw play equipment getting a disability friendly facelift.

“This is yet another good instance of Halton Borough Council regenerating the area.”

A pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders ‘pumping’, which involves creating momentum by up and down body movements instead of pedaling or pushing.