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‘Working together we can make our cities healthier,’ says Arup expert

Greater unison between developers, designers and planners is needed if UK cities are to become healthier and more sustainable according to Arup director Tom Armour.

Speaking at Professional Liverpool’s ‘Cities Alive: Green Building Envelope’ event yesterday (31 January), Armour presented the research findings of his latest report.

The event, which took place at the Cotton Exchange and also included input from Arup façade engineer Alistair Law, outlined a design approach for urban environment which promotes nature as a “key driver”.

Addressing the well-attended lunch, Armour, director and global landscape architecture leader at Arup, stressed the need for collaboration on the issue of enhancing cities’ health and sustainability.

Highlighting the amount of under-utilised roof space in the Victoria area of London which could be converted into green space, Armour said: “You may think ‘I’m only working on one building, what possible difference can one building make?’

“But if you think about cities and you begin to multiply up roof space and we can all get behind these ideas we can look towards a much healthier future for our cities.

“It’s about everybody working together in unison for the greater good – I think we need a lot more of that.

“In a city there are thousands of roofs. Sometimes all you need is some rubble and gravel nicely arranged and things will grow, birds will come and wildlife will develop.

“Nature is a marvellous thing – it just needs space to develop.”