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  • workplace festivities to build team spirit this Christmas

Workplace festivities to build team spirit this Christmas

Workplace festivities to build team spirit this Christmas

The countdown to Christmas can be a perfect opportunity to bring the workforce together for some festive fun, building team spirit and helping your business to end the year on a high. Here are some suggestions for enjoying the season in the workplace.

Office ‘Secret Santa’

This increasingly popular Christmas gift-buying activity can be a great way to inject some seasonal fun into the final working weeks of the year.

Set a strict low budget, such as £5, to ensure everyone can take part and there’s a level playing field when it comes to choosing presents.

Selecting a theme for everyone’s gifts can also help when it comes to ensuring all presents are light-hearted, appropriate and inoffensive.

As well as bringing a bit of Christmas tradition into the office, Secret Santa can also be a great catalyst for employees from different departments to get to know each other. Drawing the name of the person you only ever pass on the stairs can provide an excuse to find out a little more about them.

Dressing up day

Whether you choose to wear Christmas jumpers or festive sparkles, changing the office dress code to something a little more seasonal for a day is an ideal way to have fun without disrupting work.

Perhaps it could also be an opportunity to raise money for a charitable cause during the time for giving, with each participating team member throwing one or two pounds into the fund.

Bring and share lunch

What better way to enjoy the Christmas season than dining together?

Allocate one lunch hour for a special festive team feast, with each member of the group bringing something to contribute to the spread – be it shop-bought snacks or their own seasonal baked creations.

It can be a great opportunity to bring all departments together to enjoy relaxed, informal chat without interfering with anyone’s hectic working schedules.

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